Sampa Summer Camp and Other Summer Martial Art Programs

We are now getting ready to launch our summer programs;

#1 Program (offer for non Members only): during the summer (starting in June) we will no longer offer $88 for 8 weeks trial. It will be $199 for 3 months with the chance of using this $199 as credit towards the down payment, making the entire summer for free, so please let your friends know. *Any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, or Muay Thai program, any age and level – COST ONLY $199 – let your friends know.

#2 Program (offer for Members only): Judo Course and Ranking _ We will be teaching the fundamentals of judo and the curriculum USJA requires for each rank, students will be ranked and tested after the course. It will be a minimum of 5 classes but we will definitely do more. Every Thursday at 8 pm Starting in June.

ONLY $99 Including Judo Federation membership Fee

#3 Program (offer for Members only): Kids Stunt Classes – We will teach the kids many concepts and techniques that could be applied in a choreography of a fight scene, kids will learn how to punch/kick and pretend to get hit, but they will also learn how to fall to make the hero look good and to not get hurt. They will definitely improve their martial arts skills in this fun class – COST $99

#4 Program (offer for Members only): Summer Elite Classes – If you are in any basic program you can now have a taste of the elite program during the summer (June, July and August) for only $99, No commitment then you can get back to the basic program.

# 5 Program (offer for Members and non members – kids from 6-12): Kids Intensive BJJ Day Camp – 6 weeks – This year we are shifting gears and moving towards martial arts, character development and Mental toughness evolution. No more babysitting, Kids must be in first grade and be able to feed themselves and change their own clothes. They will spend a lot of time on the mat and after the summer they will be different kids!

COST $197, per week – including field trip.

**Registration fee NOT included

Please Reply to this email if you are interested in one of these programs,

May 6th will be our mother’s day event, at the same time we will be running our Summer Day camp Open house/ Q&A, There we will be offering $40 OFF registration fee for day camp.


Prof. Renato

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