Sampa Summer Camp at Discovery Cube


Dear Parents,

Tomorrow we will take the kids to Discovery Cube

The Discovery Cube Orange County, formerly known as the Discovery Science Center and the Taco Bell Discovery Science Center, is a science museum in Santa Ana, California, with more than 100 hands-on science exhibits designed to spark children’s natural curiosity. It has become a visual landmark due to its ten-story solar array cube that stands over Interstate 5.
Address: 2500 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

I am very excited to take our Sampa jiu jitsu students to this great place! We were there last year and the kids had a blast.

We will be leaving by 10:30 – 11 am and trying to get back by 4 pm so the kids can still be part of their jiu jitsu class which is also one of the main reasons we have them in this camp. To learn sports and martial arts – BJJ.

Kids will be required to bring their Green Sampa Summer Camp Shirt

Friday San Dimas Racquet club swimming pool so bring their suits and sunblock.
Next week exceptionally we will go to the pool in San Dimas on Thursday.



Our Summer camp Daily Schedule

I am writing the schedule that most likely happens, Yes we change it sometimes according to the kids motivation level, tiredness or boredom.

Here we go:

8 am is the official time to arrive, many parents prefer to drop off the kids around 10:30 which is fine too.

Also some parents need the kids to arrive a little earlier than 8 am and miss Cici most of the Days is here around 7:45 am

Also Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we do have a jiu jitsu class that starts 7 am on route 66 you are welcome to come in and wait for Mrs. Cici to arrive.

Around 9:30 we will start a class that is very good for their coordination, strength, agility and speed. This class finishes 10:30 am.

They will have a snack.

11:00 am another class starts and this is an specific class, depending on the weekend we will be focused on Tumbling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo/wrestling and Kickboxing.

12:00 to 1pm, it will be Lunch time. I know that kids do not touch their food because they grab their iPads etc.

We just learned this week and no more iPads during that time. They will have to open their lunch box and eat and no games will be allowed.

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm then is when we will do a monitored activity.

that will vary depending on the day:

Mondays: arts and Crafts or sword training or nunchaku training.

Tuesdays: Nerf Gun war please bring your Nerf gun, please purchase one that is easy to your child maneuver.

Wednesdays: Field trip – We will leave around 12:30 m (tentative: rockin jump, pretend city, discovery cube, laser tag). You can send extra money with your child so they can buy what they want. We do not regulate that.

On this field trip we require the green summer camp shirt, That you suppose to get 2 of them per child.

An extra $25 will be required for this field trip, that we will deduct from the card on file for your convenience.

Thursdays: Obstacle courses kids love this one, great for agility, strength, speed and coordination.

Fridays: We leave around 1 pm to San Dimas racquet club pool field trip, please bring towels, sunblock and extra clothes. Although it is a cost to get in there we will not charge you anything.

At 4 pm and 5 pm the martial arts classes start depending on the days it will be either kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu.

We are open for suggestions please call us at anytime or text me Prof. Renato 626-419-2840

discovery cube sampa summer camp

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