Sampa Sports Summer Camp week 7

Dear Parents,

The First topic of this article is: Are we doing an extra week? At first my idea of summer camp was to end in July 29th. But many parents are asking for one more week, so we would end in August 5th instead.

We are here to help, this is not our first idea because I would like to give the staff a rest before we start the back to school rush.

So please call Bobby today as soon as you get this message, and if the answer system picks up please leave a message anyways because we can see it. Just say: we want to be part of the summer camp 8th week, or we want the 8th week to happen.  We need at least 8 kids to make it happen!

If this is your first time/first week doing summer camp at Sampa Jiu Jitsu, please read about our guidelines here

By Now you should have got two green Sampa t-shirts for Summer Camp field trips, if not please call Bobby.

Again I would like to say that in the morning we are doing agility, strength, speed and coordination, tumbling and Kickboxing.

In the afternoon, we provide the jiu jitsu classes.

On the 5th week we went to Arcadia Rock Climbing – Thank You all the parents for bringing the waivers signed.

On the 6th week we went to rocking jump and kids have a blast. Thanks again for having the waivers signed promptly.

This week we will be going to chaparral lanes for bowling.  After kids will play at the arcades.

Every FRIDAY we WILL go to San Dimas Swim and Racquet club. Bring the wet suit please.

We don’t have a video for rockin jump but we do have a video for the Rock climbing:

We Just got this Ninja Obstacle Course! The kids are loving it and feeling like they are in the American Ninja Warrior TV show!


Best Regards

Prof. Renato

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