Sampa Martial Arts Day Camp Keeps Kids Active This Summer

Sampa Martial Arts Day Camp Keeps Kids Active This Summer


Worried that your kids will spend their summer in front of the computer and video games? Sampa BJJ Academy can help! We’ll be having activities all throughout the day, and you can drop your kids off and have a relaxing day to yourself! And parents, don’t worry if you think your child isn’t cut out for our activities! The whole point of this camp is to get lazy kids out and doing more outdoor stuff!


Sampa Martial Arts Day Camp in Glendora is the fun and learning your child will never forget. We are top martial arts experts who have been teaching local kids for many years. Our aim here at the camp is to expose the children to a wide variety of activities, games, and trips. We have special trainers who bring the traditional art of self-control and skill mastery in the form of martial arts to the kids in a very fun and innovative way. We assure you that our camp caters to even those who have never taken part in any physical activities.

Children will learn:

– Jiu Jitsu
– Kickboxing
– Judo
– Wrestling
– Tumbling

Plus Crafts, Music, Games, and NERF WARS!


We also have lots of field trips to fun and educational places like California Science Center, Discovery Cube, Library, Pretend City and many more.

We don’t just play with kids, we teach them and help them develop and grow.

See what all the excitement is about:

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