Sampa Jiu Jitsu and Sports Summer Camp Week 4

Dear Parents,

We just finished our Third Week of summer camp; in this week we Focused on Kickboxing Basic Punches and kicks, Basic Combos and footwork.

Next Week will be NO SUMMER CAMP plus we WILL BE CLOSED 7/3 to 7/6 resuming on Thursday 7/7 for regular classes. Our Staff will be attending the Martial Arts Super Show, a convention in Vegas.

If this is your first time doing summer camp at Sampa Jiu Jitsu, please read about our guidelines here

Coach Rocky is responsible for the first classes where we focused in agility, strength, speed and coordination as well tumbling.

This 4th Week we will teach again Kickboxing and try to get them more advanced on the techniques worked last week. Coach Geo is in charge of the kickboxing Summer Camp Program.

Last Week our Field trip was to Discovery Cube.

This week We will go to Laser Island in Upland. And on THURSDAY we WILL go to  San Dimas Swim and Racquet club.

Last week in the afternoon besides BJJ classes, Nerf Gun War and sword training we also taught them how to play with nunchaku, Class was Taught by Coach Alex a two stripes BJJ purple belt, judo brown belt and Taekwondo 3rd degree black belt.

Watch the video of the kids at discovery, swimming pool and practicing nunchaku.

We Just got this Ninja Obstacle Course! The kids are loving it and feeling like they are in the American Ninja Warrior TV show!


Best Regards

Prof. Renato

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