Sampa BJJ Summer Programs

Sampa BJJ Summer Programs

Are you searching for summer activities for yourself and children? Or want the children to stay energetic and occupied over their summer vacation? At Sampa BJJ Academy, we are having a lot going on this summer! During this summer, we are going to offer many programs for adults and kids. You can be active and busy all summer! Our summer programs will provide a safe & a creative time for our students.

The following are the summer courses that we are going to offer at the Sampa BJJ Academy. These summer courses will begin on 1st of June and will last until the 8th of August.

3-Month Trial Program

First of all, this our program in which a person will have a chance to come and try our BJJ, Muay Thai, fitness classes, kids program and anything for only $199. It’s an amazing price for a 3-month program. This 3-month trial program will run for the month of June, July, and August. We will also prorate the cost of the program. If a person joins this program in July, then he will be charged for the month of July and August and he will only have to pay $149. And if a person joins this program in august then he will have to pay only 99 $ for the August month.

The more the person delays to get started with this program the less will be the advantages that they can take on this amazing summer deal.

Judo Course

Also, this is a program that we are offering at the Sampa BJJ Academy. We teach this judo course every summer to give our students more exposure to the judo terminology so that they can be able to graduate in judo as well. This time we are offering a minimum of five judo classes on every Thursday night after the last Jiu-Jitsu class. We might be offering more to get our student excelled in it. The cost for this course is only $99 including the USJA federation fee. We are very happy to provide this amazing course for the Adults students. In this core course of Judo, which is a great martial art that Jigoro Kano created to educate people and to make this a better world. The aim of our judo course is to make our students utilize their mental and physical strength most efficiently.

Kids Stunt Classes

It’s our 3rd program for the kids to learn the fight choreographies. In this class, the kids will have the opportunity to learn how to make fake punches and kicks. Kids will learn the importance of the second person, the person who is actually getting beaten while learning the stunt techniques with them. They will also learn how to react to the fake punches or the kicks.

As we all know that Professor Renato has been training with 87Eleven action design groups to become efficient in stunt techniques. The 87Eleven is a Hollywood choreography studio in which they train stunt men. They have built many fighting sequences for some of the Hollywood blockbusters like 300, John Wick 1,2, The Scorpion King, Logan, and many other movies. So we have decided to have this new kids stunt class at the Sampa BJJ Academy.

Summer Elite Martial Arts Classes

It’s the 4th summer program that we are offering at the Sampa BJJ Academy. This class is basically for our Sampa existing members who are not yet in the elite Program. In this program, we will allow students from the fundamental course to participate in the elite/advanced BJJ classes. They can participate in this class by only paying $99. This class will really help the students to understand if the advanced classes and curriculum are a good fit for them.

Kids Summer Day Camp

Lastly, this is our 5th summer program. It is a 2 months camp. This Kids Summer Day Camp is different from our previous camps. In our previous camps, we were mainly taking care of kids in sense of babysitting. But this year we have changed this fashion. From now on, we are going to emphasize on intensive BJJ, Judo, and Wrestling in our Kids Summer Camp. In this camp, we are going to train kids 2 or 3 times a day to improve their mental strength, self-confidence, and physical coordination. This is a great way to make kids learn self-discipline. Your kids will come out of this camp with amazing skills. This camp includes 2-3 martial arts classes per day plus tumbling classes, games, obstacle course and much more and for all these, you only have to pay $192 per week.

This summer day program is great for your kids. Give your kid a memorable summer experience with our Sampa summer programs.

Give us a call at 626-335-4971 or email us at to reserve a spot for your kid.

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