Sampa BJJ Summer Camp

Sampa BJJ Summer Camp


You want the children to stay active and occupied over their summer school break? Give your child an unforgettable summer experience that will last them a lifetime with Sampa BJJ summer camp.

It’s our fifth year doing summer camp. We will be starting our summer camp again at Sampa BJJ on the 12 of June. Our summer camp is open for the children from all over the Glendora, San Dimas, Covina & La Verne. Come and join Sampa BJJ, your children will have fun, make new friends, learn BJJ and other martial activities.

This 6-week summer camp will be full of activities, we are offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, and Muay Thai classes that will keep your kids busy all day.  There is a theme for each week. We will start our first class at 9:30 am, which is a wrestling class that will over at 12 pm. After it, there is a break of one and half hour in which they will eat and have some fun/free time for games over the mat or nerf gun war, arts, and crafts, etc.

Through our daily Mat Chats, we also give emphasis to character development, where we inculcate the basic martial arts values of discipline, respect, and confidence.

After that around 1:30 pm, there is another judo and BJJ class, which will end around 3:30 pm. This year we will be focusing on intensive BJJ training and techniques for rapid development and mental toughness.

Our first week will start on June 12, we will do 3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in August.


Besides our day camp, we will be running a two sessions part-time wrestling camp. We will run one in the morning and one in the afternoon, where kids will be practicing wrestling. This is a separate camp, in which our goal is getting kids in our community ready during the summer for the wrestling season that will start around October.

This year in our summer camp, we also have field trips on every Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursdays, we take the kids to the pool, and on Wednesday, we take them to other places like laser tag, theaters and etc. On Fridays, we will be running our competitions.

Sampa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu summer camp will keep your kids active throughout the day. Our drill and game-based learning are perfect for children to build both lifetime physical health and self-defense skills.

We are now starting the registration for the summer camp. If you register by the end of April you will have a 35% off on the registration. We are looking forward to having many kids this year. Please Call 626-335-4971, if you are interested in our summer camp activities.

Drop your kids off as early at 8 am so that we can get started with our classes on time.

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