2017 Summer Camp – BJJ and Wrestling Camp

Dear Parents,

Summer is approaching soon and with that our Glendora BJJ Summer Camp. Click Here for Walnut BJJ summer camp

This Year will be 3 weeks in June and 3 in July. We will not do the whole summer, also we will focus on the Martial Arts not much babysitting.

We do make a couple of adjustments during the first week but after the first three days, we are all set and ready to roll.

Many parents are asking me about the schedule of the activities, what they do once they get here, when classes are held etc, etc.

I am writing now a tentative schedule but we reserve the right to change it as we need in order to evolve. Yes we change it sometimes according to the kids motivation level, tiredness or boredom.

Here we go:

8 am is the official time to arrive, many parents prefer to drop off the kids around 9:30 (First Class) which is fine too.

Also some parents need the kids to arrive a little earlier than 8 am and Mrs. Cici most of the Days is here around 7:45 am, so please call to make arrangements.

Also Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we do have adults training  Jiu Jitsu (class) that starts 7 am on route 66 you are welcome to come in and wait to Mrs. Cici to come or drop your child off if your child has maturity enough to wait for Mrs. Cici.

Around 9:30 we will start the wrestling class that will have a break each 45 min. First part is coordination, strength, agility and speed, obstacle course. This session finishes 10:15 am.

They will have a snack/break.

10:30 am another session starts and this is an specific class focus on break falls and throws and will end on 11:00 am. The last session starts 11:15 am and will be turn overs, defense from bottom and sparring.

At 12 pm it will be the major break and the kids for the half day camp will leave at this time.

12:00 to 1pm, it will be Lunch time. I know that kids do not touch their food because they grab their iPads etc. We just learned in the past summer camps and no more iPads during the lunch time. They will have to open their lunch box and eat and no games will be allowed.

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm rest and time to play on their own.

After 2pm the mat will be divided in 2 where the second period of half day camp starts and will be teens doing wrestling. The other side of the mat is the full day camp kids doing:

Mondays: Judo

Tuesdays: BJJ

Wednesday: Field Trip

Thursday: Tricking or Tumbling and BJJ

Friday: swimming Pool

Wednesdays: Field trip – We will leave around 12:30 m (tentative: rockin jump, pretend city, discovery cube, laser tag). You can send extra money with your child so they can buy what they want. We do not regulate that.

On this field trip we require the green summer camp shirt, That you suppose to get 2 of them per child. Filed Trips are included this year in the summer camp tuition.

Fridays: We leave around 12:30 pm to San Dimas racquet club pool field trip, please bring towels, sunblock and extra clothes. Although it is a cost to get in there we will not charge you anything.

Summer Camp is Officially over by 4 pm but kids can stay until the parents come from work they can do the evening Jiu Jitsu classes again but they will be very tired.

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