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What’s your child going to do this summer?

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Don’t even think about enrolling your child into a Summer Camp program until you’ve read this helpful letter…

To all parents who have children in the age slot 5-11 years….

Come holidays and kids are all set to have fun. With summers around the corner, all parents are pondering on what activities they should engage their children into. Indulge your child in the best extra-school activity which you might not be able to enrol him into when the schools are on!

As working parents, it is difficult to be with the kids all day. So our children end up watching, T.V, computers, playing video games, or get engaged in other non-productive activities! So how to ensure fruitful engagement for our kids for the time you are away from home?

Here is a simple solution-SUMMER CAMPS.
Summer camps are great lifetime opportunities where children learn interesting things, meet other children, are under the supervision of care-takers, and above all “have immense fun”. These camps are delightful experiences where kids meet other children from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life and make friends, and some of them- for life. It largely helps in shaping the character and personality of the child, as extra classes are like the extra punch which might add wonderful attributes to a child’s persona. Moreover, they help in developing the motor skills, cognitive, social, and emotional behavioral patterns, and aesthetics in the child.

A child who stays alone all day while parents are away might become emotionally weak, introvert and might fall prey to bad company as his capabilities are not being channelized in the correct direction. Such children often tend to become aggressive also. We need to give our children the best environment to grow, nurture and become responsible human beings.

What kind of camp activities should we choose for our kids? It’s a crucial decision.

The camp activities should be of interest to the child and also offer courses where the child learns something lucrative, the environment is safe and well guarded, and also the art he learns in these extra classes go a long way in helping him emerge a clear winner in future.

Keeping all these attributes in mind, here is presenting to you all……

Sampa’s Mixed Martial Arts day Summer Camp & Character Development Program

Trekking, hiking, camping, and learning various arts and crafts at summer camps are now passé. Let us teach our kids something new, fresh and useful. Let’s give them happy memories so that they look forward to the summers each and every time it come knocking on your doors!

Our mixed martial arts camp is just the right mix of fun, learning, and self-disciplining activities you have been looking for your child.

From building confidence and character, our Martial arts summer camp helps in making the child independent, tolerant, and teaches him the art of self-defence so that he can become capable enough to go out and face the competitive world outside.


Here’s Just Some Of What Our Program Can Do For You…

Just by being a part of our day summer camp and character development program, your children will…

  • Increase their confidence
  • Increase their self esteem
  • Learn how to avoid peer pressure
  • Increase their motor skills
  • Learn how to handle bullies and defend themselves
  • Learn life skills that help them become more successful in life
  • Develop more discipline
  • Work on personal development on a daily basis
  • Achieve academic success and constantly work to improve their grades
  • Learn to have a healthy lifestyle and stay fit
  • Have tons of fun
  • Experience positive things while avoiding negative things
  • Learn better manners
  • Strive to do the right things
  • Develop more focus and concentration
  • Get more energy directed at the right things
  • Learn teamwork and how to get along well with others
  • Develop self-respect and respect for others
  • Pay attention more in class and during conversations
  • Have better eye contact
  • Learn to stand up for themselves
  • Learn how to be strong in the face of adversity
  • Speak more clearly
  • Get a head start in life by being a part of a “complete” martial arts and character development program
  • Be good students in school and fantastic kids outside of school
  • Develop their own unique potential
  • Learn mental skills and physical skills that carry over at home, in school, and throughout their entire lives
  • Focus on personal achievement
  • Build character (not just learn punches and kicks)
  • Get stronger and build functional, healthy strength
  • Be able to resist peer pressure, bullies and other negative aspects of life
  • Have more coordination
  • Get in better shape, look better and feel like a million bucks
  • Have the mental and physical tools to enjoy life more
  • Feel good about being a good person and doing the right things all the time
  • Be around positive, encouraging instructors who know how to teach and develop children
  • Be a leader, not a follower
  • Get motivated to be a productive member of society
  • Work toward becoming someone for others to look up to
  • Become a child that other parents will be impressed with
  • Improve their memory
  • Improve their balance
  • Improve their current fitness level
  • Be a part of an educational program that makes learning fun
  • Learn valuable life skills that last an entire lifetime
  • Get better grades (Your kids will develop better study habits, be able to complete tasks, homework and assignments on time, will get better organizational skills and will learn how to manage time wisely)
  • Develop incredible physical agility
  • Learn how to make success become a habit
  • Learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them
  • Learn how to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Get increased strength, speed and agility along with mental toughness and fortitude
  • Develop more courage (being able to say NO to drugs, bullies and peer pressure)
  • Want to stay away from drugs and other dangerous substances because it’s the right thing to do
  • Learn anger management skills and self-control
  • Learn conflict resolution skills that help with social interactions
  • Focus their energy in a positive and productive manner
  • Learn real-life proven self-defense skills
  • Receive quality instruction and personal attention on a daily basis
  • Work with highly trained instructors who are committed to excellence in all areas
  • Be in a structured environment and loving family atmosphere that promotes good behavior and success (many of our happily-involved parents consider our academy to be a “safe haven” for their children)
  • Learn better communication skills and social skills
  • Discover they are important and their lives have meaning
  • Develop better behavior

And more…


How Much Is Your Child’s Future Worth To You?

I’d like to invite you to stop by our academy and meet with me to get a free student-parent conference so we can see if our program is a good fit for you. I want to make sure we can meet your needs (I’m confident we can).

Please call us at 626-335-4971 and schedule your free conference now, because these spots in our summer day camp program don’t last very long. I’d hate for you and your child to miss out on being a part of this program because you wanted to wait.

There’s absolutely no obligation and this conference is completely free. All I’m asking is that you give me a call to schedule a good time for you to pop by so we can discuss your goals and what we can do for your child to ensure we meet your family’s needs.

If that sounds good to you, please give me a call at this number: 626-335-4971

When you call, ask for Belen (she’s our Summer Camp Manager). She’ll be happy to hear from you!

Act Now Because…

Spots fill quickly, so please give me a call right away. I wouldn’t want you to get stuck on our “waiting list” and end up missing out on this opportunity for your child. It only takes a minute to schedule your conference, so please call now at 626-335-4971.

Thanks for reading,

PS Remember the dangers and problems your children could face that I mentioned above in the letter? Wouldn’t you agree, after seeing the proof, it’s at least worth a try to see if our program can meet your needs? I’m very confident that it will.

PPS You need to act RIGHT NOW because spots fill up quickly and once we are at capacity, we can’t let anyone else in. I’d hate for you and your child to miss out on this, so please give us a call right away to schedule your one-on-one conference to see if it’s a good fit. Call now and ask for Belen. Here’s our number again: 626-335-4971